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General News · 14th April 2011
Rod Lee
The “Vision” of the new Cortes Island OCP reads like the introduction of Camelot in modern times, and even Hollywood couldn’t make that one come true! Even a dictionary, among other descriptions, calls a vision a fantasy, a hallucination, an illusion, a mirage, and a delusion. Why isn’t there some realism in the Vision so we might have a chance to agree with it and choose to work towards achieving some degree of success and

The lack of reality in understanding people shows through in its lack of comprehension of the Klahoose First Nations position in the OCP and on Cortes Island.nThe Vision reads like a Tides Foundation propaganda leaflet. It speaks of a ferry system fueled by alternative energy – but we have no control over that.
It speaks of 80% food self sufficiency, but there is neither land, water, or capability to produce the variety required to reach anywhere near 80% self sufficiency of the population’s requirements.
It speaks of efficient use of land and natural resources, and then asks for policies to restrict these ideas.

In Part II, the first draft of the new OCP, it talks about: a) forms of residential development; b) an appropriate level of commercial development; c) a balance between regulations and lifestyles; d) a reasonable level of community services; e) a safe and reliable water supply. These areas are then covered in Part III – The Plan. The Plan sets forth “35 Goals”; “64 Objectives”; and “196 Policies”. These policies, when incorporated as Bylaws – if passed by the SRD board – then BECOME THE LAWS – many of which will restrict achieving the Visions outlined in Part II.

Finally, each and every one of the Bylaws will cost the Cortes Island residents MONEY – either in the form of taxes to implement and administer, or in direct personal costs to meet the standards set out in these Bylaws. Can any of us really afford these?

Even our Regional Director is on record as being disappointed with the contents of the first draft so it is important that a new effort be made to write an OCP that is palatable to all residents of Cortes Island. What is wrong with simply editing the old OCP by knowledgeable long time residents of Cortes Island – as they were the ones who wrote the first OCP - tweaking it as necessary to meet any new laws or requirements of new bylaws of the SRD and allowing everyone to continue our happy existence on this wonderful Island?

Its time for the people to speak up and be heard! E-mail, write, or phone your objections to this OCP………………NOW!

Respectfully submitted by Rod Lee

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