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General News · 24th March 2011
Greeting friends
I have been drinking pure seawater for a few years now and based on my experience I can testify that this amazing elixir of God works wonder to keep the body healthy, for remineralisation, for detoxification, for energy, for relieving stress, for reestablishing chemical balance and free the body of diseases.
With the increasing treat of radioactivity people are looking for source of iodine. Seawater contains almost the same concentration of minerals and trace elements as blood plasma, and its sodium content matches that of blood. Iodine like all the minerals found in the body is present in ocean water. The important difference and superiority of seawater as a mineral supplement over any man made mineral supplements is that all the minerals are in the right ratio to each other for a perfect assimilation in the body and the solution has also the perfect PH for the body. When we take too much of any one mineral, we disturb the balance and we play God, not knowing what we are really doing. People who work in municipal sewage will tell you that they see tons of undigested pills floating around. Scientific studies show that less than 10% of supplements is assimilated by the body
The problem with taking potassium iodite or any other iodine supplement as a protection against radioactivity is that most likely the concentration is not right for the body. When we take and isolate any single mineral, we upset the chemical balance of the all system. So we need to take the all 90+ minerals and trace minerals together such as found in this perfect solution call Ocean. God is good and has plan everything for our welfare and perfect health. He created Seawater for our benefit.

I have never experienced any side effects or secondary reactions or incompatibilities drinking seawater beside sometime the discomfort of detoxification when my body is toxic. It is not only the perfect way to fertilize plants, gardens, and agricultural land but also a fine way to balance the minerals and electrolytes of the human internal terrain.

Harvesting seawater
If you are living on a clean seashore, you are indeed bless. Just go to the beach and fill up your jar....!
The obvious choice to collect ocean water is a clean unpolluted environment away from any human activities such as industry and farming and away from any habitations. I have collected and routinely drink pure undiluted seawater ( 1/2 glass per day maximum and much less at other time) from*the shore and beaches of Tasmania, Australia and*Cortes island, the west coast of British Columbia, Canada an now in Hawaii. Once the body is fully remineralised, you need very little seawater to maintain chemical balance. A good way to tell you need it once you have acquire a taste for the elixir ( and you might have to get use to it) is if it taste good, then the body needs it, if it doesn't the body doesn't need it. If in doubt remember too much of it cannot harm you as long as you have fresh water available.

However Sea water is best extracted from a particular location offshore which is situated between 10 meters from the bottom and 30 meters from the surface. This location is called the zone of solar penetration, and is known for its exceptional purity. Seawater must be collected in the absence of any metallic contact in glass containers and kept refrigerated away from high temperature. A gallon of seawater will last you a long time in the fridge and if you have any doubt about the cleanliness of the water, boil it before drinking it. I am not sure what the chemical change is when you boil it, probably a lost of some trace elements but better this than getting sick with pathogen.
You might wonder what about sea salt diluted in water? it is good substitute but not as good because sea salt only have 80+ minerals and therefore is short of 10+ critical minerals present in ocean water.

It is important to differentiate refine salt from sea salt. Commercial refined salt is stripped of all its minerals, besides sodium and chloride, it is also heated at high temperatures that change the chemical structure of the salt. In addition, it is chemically cleaned and bleached and treated with anticaking agents which prevent salt from mixing with water in the salt container.

Alternatives to commercial table salt is unrefined sea salt such as Celtic french sea salt or Himalayan salt. They are good salts for the body rich in minerals. The best sea salt have 80+ elements in them as opposed to the Sodium chloride of refined salt ( only 2 elements left)

SODIUM IS ESSENTIAL TO LIFE. Sodium is so important , it is crucial for maintaining the health of every cell in the human system. The warning of taking too much salt is a warning about Sodium chloride, the refined industrialized salt, not the pure unrefined sea salt you buy in health food store.

We have in our body 2 internal sea, these "salty oceans" in the body are our blood and our lymphatic fluid. Sodium is needed to support their web and flow. I agree too much of the wrong kinds of sodium is harmful and will contributes to the development of high blood pressure, strokes, calcium deficiency and osteoporosis, fluid retention, weight gain, stomach ulcers and stomach cancer.
The good thing about sea water is that if you take too much of it, the body will just eliminate the extra sodium or other elements not needed.
Take advantage of the amazing Mana of pure Cortes island sea water, go to your beach and fill up....!

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