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General News · 8th March 2011
Daniel Fretts
The staff report dated March 1, 2011 from Brian Reardon, CAO, indicates the Cortes OCP Review process is on schedule and will be completed within budget.

I wish to inform the committee that the schedule for the completion of Phase 2 of the OCP process was delayed by three months. The original completion deadline for Phase 2 was October 2010. The actual completion date was rescheduled to January 2011. The new deadline for completion of Phase 3 is estimated to land around mid April with the final draft of the OCP (see Cortes Tideline, February 22, 2011).

Regarding the Phase 2 budget, a phone call to Felice Mazzoni of Focus Corp. indicates that the funding for the entire consulting contract has been exhausted save for approximately $1800, out of the original figure of $55,000. Mr. Mazzoni confirmed that any work over and above the contract total of $55,000 (plus an additional sub-consulting fee of $3000 making a total of $58,000) will be borne by Focus Corp as a "write off". Mr. Mazzoni has stated that "we ate up our budget early" and that save for the small remaining expense fund of $1800, his work on the OCP Review will be "for free". Director Anderson's February 22 report indicates that remaining in Phase 3 of the OCP Process will be: public presentation of draft 1, public release of phase 2, public presentation of phase 2, public input into the draft, then public presentation of the final draft. All of this final work on the OCP Review must be completed on the $1800 budget remaining, or be subsidized by Focus Corp.

The "spin" put on the March 1 report forwarded to the Committee by Mr. Reardon, CAO, written by Mr. Hottensenpiller, manager of planning, leaves one with a sense that all is well with the Cortes OCP. In fact all is not well as both the process and content of the OCP Review has drawn serious criticism. The process is running past deadlines and has come close to using up all the consulting funds allotted, while a major leg of the project lies ahead.

Mr. Mazzoni has indicated that Cortes Islanders are receiving a bargain for their money, considering that only about 30 cents on the dollar spent on the review originate from Cortes, while about 70% of the funds are subsidized by tax payers from other areas of the district.

DATE: March 9, 2011

TO: Chair and Directors
Electoral Area Servises Committee
Area B - Cortes Island

FROM: Daniel Fretts
Area B Property Owner