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General News · 21st January 2011
Dianne Bersea
My heart hurts to find trash carelessly dumped. Photo above is of a freezer thrown away in a clear-cut. Fortunately this item has now been removed, but Cortes is becoming littered with junk. Please show respect for our special island by taking recyclables and garbage to the Recycling Centre. The Recycling Centre is operational and waiting to receive your cast-offs! See Tideline Articles for details. Please do not add refuse to the clear cuts and roadsides. We can do better. Dianne
We were just driving...
Comment by Becky and Scott on 22nd January 2011
down Smelt Bay to collect kelp and I was really disgusted by the sight along Sutil Point Road. It is much more an eyesore than ever before. We recently had off island visitors and they were very surprised and disappointed to see the discard appliances and cars, boats, you name it. If it's junk, it's along Sutil. Aren't there bylaws addressing intentional littering and dumping? It is like whoever is doing this is just thumbing their nose at the rest of us and they are getting a kick out of making it look as ugly as possible. Well, they have been very successful much to our dismay.
I agree
Comment by Coreen on 22nd January 2011
I recently wrote this post on my Cortes Island blog which carries the same sentiment.

Thanks for posting. I hope it helps.
That freezer was not cleaned up.
Comment by Mary Clare Preston on 21st January 2011
Actually, that freezer has not been removed but lies on the property at the southeast corner of Bartholemew and Sutil pt. rds. This freezer was full of meat when it was dumped this spring. The meat was cleaned up mostly by wolves.