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Jim Murphy tests keypad passage set he installed on Manson's Hall pottery studio door.
General News · 12th December 2010
John Sprungman
Bit by bit, much needed repairs and improvements at Manson’s Hall are being made due to the efforts of islanders who are volunteering their skills and donating materials and money.

The exterior doors have endured 30 years of almost daily use and need various repairs. Jim Murphy has added wooden panels he made to reinforce and weatherseal the playschool’s outside doors. He also installed a keypad locking passage set on the pottery studio door which had a hasp and difficult-to-use combination padlock on it.

Keys to the door to the deck from the Pioneer Room/Cortes Cafe were lost which resulted in the locked door often being propped open so people could get back in. Walter Grundmann removed the door opening hardware, took it town to get a new lockset installed, and put it back together, donating his time and the cost.

One furnace heats both the Pioneer Room and the playschool. When it was replaced a few years ago, the off-island supplier failed to reinstall the motorized dampers that shut off the air flow to one room when only the other one’s thermostat was calling for heat. The result was that both rooms were being heated whenever either thermostat turned the furnace on. A further problem was that the carpeted benches along the window wall in the Pioneer Room blocked most of the air flow from the floor heat registers, most of which were damaged. The dampers were found in the furnace room. Steve Ringwood modified them to fit the new actuators we purchased. David Rousseau reinstalled the dampers. The carpeted benches were hauled to the recycling centre and new floor registers put in both rooms.

With the coming of winter, slippery steps created a dangerous situation. Gary Block, Peter Henbury and David Rousseau donated asphalt shingles which were nailed to the steps and ramp off the hall deck.

We are fixing a number of problems that will save on operating costs and make the hall easier and safer to use. Thanks to all who have contributed to keeping our community centre functioning. There are bigger needs that will take more time and money.

If you haven’t already, you can help by responding to the SCCA’s year-end fund-raising campaign, filling out a contribution card and dropping it with your donation in the mail or at the hall office. If you didn’t receive a letter and card, or are away from the island, and want to help, email hall manager Mary Lavelle at or phone her at 250-935-0015.

Cheers--and happy holidays!