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General News · 5th December 2010
After work today I went to Squirrel Cove store and ran into Hazel, age 6. She had a Christmas ornament she got at the Gorge Hall Fair. She showed it to me and as I was paying attention to her unlike the other 7 adults in the store she started blathering on about her day at the fair. I went into Nana mode and listened, she was talking about dog poo. It got really silly real fast. Pretty soon all the adults were involved. There was much laughter. Charlotte was selling ceramic dog poo candle holders and that was the funniest thing Hazel ever saw. She took control of the room and made us believe it was too. Up shot, stinky candles, poo holders in the stockings of those who would otherwise get coal. Hours later I'm still smiling, and a child shall lead them.