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General News · 17th November 2010
I had thought that after Mondays community meeting re. the CCHA issue that everyone would be satisfied that the best outcome had been reached in resolving what had become a contentious and volatile issue. I had hoped that now the letters to the Tideline and the flyer would cease , personal agendas could be put aside and healing the rifts in the community could begin. I was therefore saddened to read Bobo Fraser's letter in the Tideline which in my opinion was inappropriate and unhelpful in assisting this healing.

Unfortunately, in the heat of the moment it is all too easy to vent our emotions, by dashing off an email and pressing send, before thinking of the consequences and repercussions. How often have I pressed "send" too soon when in a moment of righteous indignation I fire off an email that I later regret. As I did with this email, my suggestion is to go ahead and write it but sleep on it. The next day you may be in a calmer frame of mind to honestly look at what your motive is in putting it in the public domain, who it might hurt and whether it is appropriate or useful to send.

It was perhaps befitting that an act of nature (or divine intervention !) brought an end to Tuesday's meeting. I believe that when the lights went out most of the useful discussion had taken place and everyone was pretty well clear about the facts. By this time my personal feeling in the room was that the majority of people were satisfied and that they supported the board. It would have been nice to have measured that support and to have had a round of applause to acknowledge and show our heartfelt gratitude to them for the huge amount of time and energy that each board member has freely offered to our community. We could still do that by personally thanking them with a card or email ( I suggest maybe not a phone call since I imagine that they must be pretty talked out by now ).

The Board's email is
I would think that cards could be sent to CCHA, Mansons Landing VOP IKO.

My sincere hope is that we can now start the healing, accept what is, let go of past negative feelings, and move on to a future that is more forgiving, grateful, understanding, and compassionate. We owe it to ourselves, to each other and to this beautiful island.

Warm Gratitude, Respect and Appreciation , especially to the CCHA Board members

Anicca de Trey