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General News · 16th November 2010
Bobo Fraser
The lights went out and I had to go home and turn on the genset for Judy as she was leaving for a vital appointment next morning and needed light etc.else I would have stayed for the end of the CCHA meeting.

I had a couple of questions which I did not get to ask.

1.) Were Doug and Enid (of VIHA) surprised at the boards refusal to consider granting a lease to Kirstie and are they fed up with having to come here and deal with this issue? Probably a lot of extra work and bother for them and cant seem terribly efficient either.

2.) Did the board already have assurances from Phil Foster that he would come and practice here before the meeting in July where the decision was taken not to offer a lease to Kirstie? Part of me hopes they did since if they did not the burning of the bridge to Kirstie looks exceedingly imprudent while the other part of me hopes they did not since if they did the optics of unfairness to Kirstie are undeniable.

3.) Lastly why did VIHA express willingness to offer KIrstie a contract long before the September 1 date which I was told early in the year by Enid was when VIHA would post the position for which Kirstie would be free to apply if she were able to resume practice. This gap of some 7 or 8 months was thought to be a courtesy to Kirstie in light of her dedication to Cortes Island and a recognition of the fact that she was instrumental in the improvements to the provision of health care here. Was the board blind-sided by this?

I found the decision of the board to preclude Kirstie from leasing the facility and the way the decision was reached bizarre when I first heard of it in late August and nothing I have seen or heard since has changed my mind. I view all the present members of the board as friends and neighbours and ask all to remember that they are volunteers. I view the present problem as structural and think (radically perhaps) that the CCHA has outlived its usefulness and may be becoming cancerous. It should be wound up and the provision of health care should be vested in the hands of the providers for efficiency's sake if nothing else.

I missed a good TV program about my people (the Scots) to come to that meeting last night. I believe this position which I hold now has 3 adherents (at least) which is an increase of 200% in the last 2 days -a small number to be sure but growing. The CCHA did a great job in producing the clinic and it is something the community can be proud of and a lot of people have had a hand in its success but other things may now need our attention.

I know that a lot of people I respect are upset by what has happened and I dont imagine that the present situation will make fundraising easier. I also have a thought for Phil who is not arriving to the best of circumstances. It is fair to say that there is a PR problem, -a community relations problem. We dont need to make it something worse.

Bobo Fraser 0194