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General News · 4th October 2010
Beccy Griffin
Class 6: Flowing Forward, Seeing & Moving Beyond the Blocks, Thursday 9th December, 11.30am-2.30pm

Once again we shift gear from the yin, reflective energy of last week’s ‘Focus’ class into the more active, yang energy of striding forward with our business seedling and establishing a strong core that will support us as we expand and flower with creativity.

In this class we look at how Nature moves along a path of least resistance, and how our own ‘construction’ (the set of beliefs that makes up our view of ourselves and of the world around) sets the scene for our patterns of behaviour. We take the opportunity to share insights with the group and receive feedback, and then we ACT, right here in class on 1 thing that will help move our business forward. (Laptops, phones, etc available).

We continue to look into establishing an effective online presence at low cost, including social networking, etc.

Newcomers welcome. Please call.

Location is 822 Austin Drive, Mansons Ldg.
Phone: 935 6755

For this 1st season only the price is by donation.

Beccy (BSc, MFin), has over 12 years experience advising organisations (small to large multi-national) on successful business strategies and financial management. She also offers 1:1 consulting to individuals and businesses seeking more comprehensive advice and support.