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General News · 27th September 2010
Eric Wright
Being a family phsician is a demanding and challenging job. Having spent over 30 years as a family doctor I speak from experience. Being a solo physician is even more demanding and to do this on an island in the middle of the Georgia Strait requires a special talent.

I am saddened by what is happening to Dr. Overhill. It seems to me to be a poor reward for 11 yrs of service to the island. In that span the island has developed a first class medical centre with a variety of anciliary servces. In some measure at least Dr. Overhill played a part in this.

When we first visited Cortes there was no resident Dr. on the Island. Then for a time we were very happy to have Dr.Phil Foster who felt the need to lleave Cortes for family reasons. Cortes was very fortunate to obtain the services of Dr. Overhill and I have heard no dissatisfaction about Dr. Overhill's standard of care, but I have heard many compliments.

It seems to me that the Island is in serious jeopardy of losing the service of a very competent and caring physician at a time when there is a shortage of family Drs. throughout the whole province. There are thousands of people in the province who are unable to find a family physcian and who have to rely on walk in clinics where there is little continuity of care.

I rather doubt that there is a long line of physcians waiting in the wings to fill any vacancy on Cortes Is. as a permanent position. Anyone who thinks being a solo G.P. on Cortes is an easy thing to do knows very little about the practice of mediine.

It would appear that the dispute has little to do with medical care and more to do with a "who controls what" situation. I would urge the parties involved in this dispute to sit down and work out a fair solution before there is so much bitterness that there can be no resolution. If this is not done, the permanent residents of this lovely Island will be the losers.

Yours truly.
Eric Wright
537 Potlatch Rd.
Cortes Island