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General News · 10th September 2010
Rod Lee
I am against a tax as a method of financing our Community halls. However, after attending John Anderson’s “heal the rift” session on Saturday, August 14th, I am now prepared to try and change the tax situation by engaging in new, respectful, and honest communication with everyone who has an opinion about this subject. It was a wonderful, first step towards initiating a better way to talk to each other. We realize that we have problems on Cortes that have galvanized themselves into a virulent fight over the tax. We have been fighting instead of trying to find solutions. This must stop for our community to be able to come together to try and recreate a level of trust amongst ourselves, trust of our representatives – both regionally and at our community club levels – and to give us a chance to work this challenge out ourselves.

I think we all realize that no matter what the outcome of a referendum vote on a tax, one side or the other will be completely dis-satisfied, and the vote results will probably create even more animosity and recriminations to divide the Island. I have written the Regional Board asking them to support our Representative request for 4 more months to try and settle this ourselves. If we cannot, then it will go to a third reading and a referendum vote.

With John Anderson’s help in facilitating some more open meetings to discuss the 20 plus ideas, questions and suggestions that came out of the August 14th meeting, I believe we can find some new positive ways to move forward. John’s format allows for open, safe discussions where everyone is equal and gets a chance to speak their opinions without fear of any reprisals. This is a most important step in building trust – the ability to express our opinions safely. I hope we can have a fuller participation from all parts of the community so all ideas can be looked at. There are some alternative financing ideas already being discussed and anything that can be added should only improve on these.

It is time to start – we have only four months to try and begin anew – will you join in with others and make this effort?

Rod lee