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General News · 9th September 2010
Richard Trueman
Since you did not enable comments in your submission, I’m replying to Your explanation below.

Thank you for your desire to keep Cortes with a medical service and an open operational center. It is appreciated!

I sense a rigidness on both parties part.

Where are the time honoured rights we enjoy in this country? Bargaining, mediation & compromise are the background tools to move all disputes ahead. Its like a strike that has to get back to the bargaining table with new respect and FORGIVING.

I hope the first part of this statement is true and a decision has not been made yet.

“The CCHA understands concerns expressed about physician shortages and the possibility of Cortes being left without a physician. The process to hire a new permanent doctor is well under way and the CCHA does not have a concern over finding a first class permanent replacement for Dr. Overhill.”

If not you will have lost a great deal of respect from this community.

PS/ all posting are suposed to have an email addres or phone number. Some people like to reply privately, so I've asked the editor to put this with your article,
Doctors are not a commodity
Comment by Richard Yensen on 11th September 2010
I am sad to have to remind CCHA that Dr Overhill has been our physician and as such has the trust and respect of the community. That relationship has taken years to build and is not interchangeable. Signing on a new doctor of comparable paper credentials will be a blow to the relationship which is at the core of the humane practice of medicine, the doctor-patient relationship. Please, at least factor in the emotional leap you are asking of this community when you attempt to replace our physician.