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General News · 8th September 2010
Richard Trueman
CCHA vs Dr. Overhill. (Sorry for the advesarial “vs”, Dr. Posen)

Obviously its not Dr. Overhill. She has done so much and for so long for this community. The outflow of comments that I have collected so far attest to that.

Can it be her manager/husband’s manners in negotiations? Probably, to some degree but more on that to come.

Can it be about Money and Control? This appears like it might be the knot in the process.
Hear me out on this...
A clue was Dr. Kristensen’s sentence is his reply in the Tideline to the CCHA Update, “Why don't you release financial data from the CCHA operation that shows just how penalized it is financially for a doctor to work here. The question is fairness rather that financial. But why should a physician paid a fixed monthly income be required to pay $5000 per month overhead on Cortes when he can work in Gold River or elsewhere and only pay $750 per month”

Know that for years up until this last while, the organization of Dr. Overhill ( I shudder to call it a company) was probably completely responsible for the staff, the hiring, cleaning, and utilities of the Health Centre.

Now with the New Organization, (Read the CCHA Update in the Tideline), that onerous task has been removed from the Dr. Perhaps the monies charged for this are too high in the past experience of the Dr.’s manager inciting his ire with probable comments like “who’s head is on the line here?” Who has to pay horrendous insurance while in practice?” and so on. I cannot fault a manager for trying to forge the best deal for his client. As Dr Posen told me in the hall Friday, Doctors should not be in the business of managing centers. (My answer is in the country it might be different than in the city where independent center management is the norm. The pay and client load would also be very different too for those two doctor “jobs”.)

Do you see where the word Control comes into the heading above. Control appears to have been taken away from a county doctor and handed over to a group of county citizens. Imagine a dispute now between staff and the doctor. The staff might say, “But you are not my boss, the CCHA is.” Again a transfer of control.

So where does that leave us? As someone already said, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” It is both parties, and including VIHA, up to the three parties to get back to the bargaining table. The community wants a just resolution to this. If that takes mediation then so be it and a compromise will be worked out for the time being. The change-over to community management may have to be done over several yearly contracts.

Richard Trueman