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Buy, Sell & Trade: Peach champagne delay
I want to apologize, and explain why, for those of you who are still waiting for your peach champagne from last summer.

The regular peach champagne (and apricot wine) customers among you will know that we've had trouble for the last two years getting these wines to clear. Previous to the last two years everything was fine. I've been pretty sure the problem is pectin and have been very puzzled as to why it suddenly started happening. I've tried everything under the sun (well, not everything -- I refuse to use chemicals) without success. The apricot wine finally cleared and the peach champagne is getting there but it still has a way to go. (Interestingly, we're not the only U-Brew this is happening to.) I finally decided to get a wine lab to test a sample and get a definite answer. I'm waiting for an answer but I feel pretty optimistic.

Thank you so much for your continued, and uncomplaining, patience.

Good Libations