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General News · 31st August 2010
John Kristensen MD
Thank you CCHA for your long overdue response. I found your tone excessively administrative-legallese and totally removed from the reality of leaving us with a doctor-less clinic on Cortes Island. If you have entered into a Faustian relationship with VHA that has resulted in a Wamart-efficient mechanism for controlling clinic costs, you should immediately disband yourselves. Whatever economic model you have created to squeeze theoretical efficiency from our clinic I assure you it will only add to the already financial disadvantage that a physician encounters when starting work here. Why don't you release financial data from the CCHA operation that shows just how penalized it is financially for a doctor to work here. The question is fairness rather that financial. But why should a physician paid a fixed monthly income be required to pay $5000 per month overhead on Cortes when he can work in Gold River or elsewhere and only pay $750 per month. Please try to answer these questions. John Kristensen