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General News · 31st August 2010
Richard Trueman
Cortes in these troubled times reminds me of a painting by Goya of Saturn Eating his own Children. Case in point is the rumour that the Health Board is denying Dr. Overhill a chance at another term of office and is refusing to undergo mediation on their dispute.

Details aside, Dr. Overhill has been a stellar care giver. I’m sure the many patients in our viewing area can attest to that in the comments section below.

Her manager-husband cannot be scapegoated for bargaining hard for his client, but in the end, forget the battles, its the doctor we want and visit, not the manager.

To those that replied that they trust and are obligated to follow the elected board, please remember that in a democratic society they should still be open to the public feelings and it is our duty to make our feelings known.

Dear Health Board, please entertain all applicants, and if Dr. Overhill is the only one, then bite the bullet. If there are others, then you have a fair and legitimate choice to make.

over-the-top artistic hyperbole!
Comment by david on 5th September 2010
Wow Richard, how does a random number of disconnected and unfortunate events in recent months turn us into your metaphorical insane cannibalistic community? Is our veneer of civility really that thin?
Dr Overhill
Comment by Nicola on 26th August 2010
I came back to this Island in part because I want Dr Overhill as my physician again.
She is a wonderful doctor. It was Kirstie who was instrumental in getting the Health Centre built. Just look what we have now, and compare it to the hole-in-the-wall we had before.
When I did home support for one very sick person, Kirstie came, rain or shine, so he could be at home until the end. Frozen ropes and foul weather notwithstanding, Kirstie was always available.
We should be so lucky.
Great painting Richard !
Comment by norberto on 26th August 2010
"Saturn Devouring his Sons" is the title of Goya's painting. It is part of his "dark paintings." This work is considered by many the "scariest painting" ever made.

To me, it shows that side of humanity we don't like to see, nor recognize. But unfortunately, it happens.

If you want to browse the 10 Scariest Paitings, go to this link:

You may find in there other interesting portraits of our little community..

By the way, Goya painted his dark paintings when he was in his 70's, living in total reclusion and going mad.