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General News · 24th August 2010
Volker Steigemann
Farewell my Friend

First I like to give our heartfelt condolences and inner strength to Abigail, Samuel, Christiano and extended Family and dear friends off Stefano Savioli from my families
Steigemann and Grosse.
We shared a thirty year long friendship with many interesting encounters with Stefano as you can imagine they where not always the same. I came to your party last Sunday you have been present in a new way. The place was packed with friends and family and Rick was playing his Guitar and great sadness in the faces we could see a lot off your paintings, photos off your beautiful life a feast on the tables off Whaletown Hall and heaps off Vino Bianco and Vino Rosso for to drink, to your generous , loving and creative time with us and I mean the whole island. For the event some how was to send you to a peaceful place. I had one glass of rosso I don’t drink wine but here to honour you one more time I drank it, liked it, and remembered the way you had to part and what is now… was overcome by my emotions and so I leave the place. I wanted to say something, couldn’t bring myself forward so now I write it…I felt I had to open the art show or more truthfully used it as an excuse to ball myself out on my own. I got some beer biked to the old Schoolhouse. Opened the Gallery plugged in the lights ,lit up the candle off the little alter to express our gratitude and honour to you as a fellow Artisano, be with me and us here, for nowadays you seem to be everywhere.
It came to me through memory we had a great real talk of substance four years ago also on a Sunday and it was the last day off my second solo show at the gallery and this time you showed up and in a good mood for your face like mine shows a lot of expression and seemingly easy to read ha show had a series of dry point prints that I tried out inspired from a Chagall show I saw in Vancouver. I realised that how real meaning or substance or maybe a message can be placed in any art piece that has human beings in it. I received an insight to a level of conscious depiction that when you included humans thier daily routine life may it be even the mirror off the local say so, the tragic and the good times, the odd hidden love story, the comical sometime corrupt politics, the happy events or parties. All that various makes it what I would call authentic art and it uses the image of the human in a way so you can read more or less your own story, as well know, or get told the real story so hey,… it leaves you with a whole lot off options how to express that….me ha I just made my first ever bunch of prints in that way So now Stefano had a look through the show and saw that my attempts to reach out and include such a zeal in my personal art, had something he could relate too for his paintings where going a similar direction and so we continued to go into this fun time when you say somehow exchange trade secrets we argued around the comic in it and great loud laughter and soon yes we agreed there is a need in public live to be seen in a other form off the so called “ normal “ and say you can imagine what we came up with,… In the comic part of the conversation. Yes we had thanks god a different point of view and argued on. Stefano was sharp and not easy to pull the wool over is head but keeping in mind great humour and understanding why are we doing this crazy motion of expression and why we are in a spell to bring forward an image a spiritual expression off your soul of who you are in your colour or shape world. Humans, Artists, Shamans you name it normal folks, that made the Art in the cave paintings, as hunters and gatherers had already known that trick. We could see where the old ancient and new recent images make cross roads with the now… it was a very fun time, Stefano, thank you very much.
His painting are his Chronis tic contribution to us, as an individual characters view off his lifetime on Cortes Island and wherever else he traveled .They included exactly as I described before a wide array of events a critical humorist approach and a masterfully technique to disguise the obvious. He captured the old Church House in Mansons again used in a more mythical outside way where he painted a goats like figure fly out of the building and some young local people gather in a regular resting ritual way…. me I see the comic and the earnest report of our time…. and yes there is more then what meets the eye. The soccer paintings are as if he is in the game you have too in order to get a plot going “ what about Totti “ Stefano used to say, his favourite Italian player for a while. Stefanos images where intense in the action, intense in his colours and they always gave some message to the viewer a connection a spark say as if the artist is a lot like a sparkplug for a engine off human being, and if he would be here that is just the thing we would be talking about.
When I looked at Stefanos paintings over the years and how they progressed he kept at good pace to make a vivid account of his time here with us.
Also I miss you I have no means to stop and return the events other than to write my humble stumble farewell with you, I, we wish you to find peace now to sail along our friend in your own wind to a new place which you will create by your own liking again with you own skills and gifted hands .