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General News · 6th August 2010
norberto rodriguez dela vega
Many people, activists, environmentalists, writers, grassroots organizations and more, are coming at the point of despondency and desperation for the lack of real action towards major global problems like climate change, peak oil, poverty, environmental disasters, peak food, etc.

Many of them are starting to cry YA BASTA! (Enough!) to governments, to big corporation, to the media…

It is very interesting to see that the strongest initiatives are coming from Latina America: Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador, Cuba, Chile. They are indeed setting the course.

The question is: are the rich and wasteful countries of the North going to listen and willing to change or will keep living in denial and/or in delusion, pretending everything is all right?

Maybe what is needed in these rich countries is a real crisis, as Milton Friedman said many years ago: “only a crisis—actual or perceived—produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around.”

Of course, YA BASTA is much more than a cry, it implies action, doing things.

Let me point to a few articles about this call to action that are worth reading:

What the Zapatistas can teach us about the climate crisis.
Ten years after Mexico’s Zapatista uprising, the movements for indigenous rights and against corporate globalisation have converged again with the call for climate justice. Can the poetic slogans of Subcomandante Marcos offer guidance for this new wave of global activism? by Jeff Conant

Political Platform for Klimaforum10 by Mexico’s Grassroots
From Mexico, a very strong grassroots initiative to take place in parallel to the Climate conference in Cancun next November, 2010, by Miguel Valencia

We’re Hot as Hell and We’re Not Going to Take It Any More
Author of many books, Bill Mckibben is really upset about what is happening and says the time for compromises and whimpers is over. It is time for action!

When Truth is Unbelievable
by Megan Quinn Bachman

PS> as you may have guessed, the image is mine.