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General News · 28th July 2010
Jacqueline Lasahn
Saturn opposite Uranus July 26, 2010
Jupiter square Pluto July 24 and August 3
Mars in Libra July 29 - September 14

Combustible crossroads
on the streets of restraint.

Tension intensifies the polarity
between traditional and experimental,
boundaries and breakout,
repression and instability,
customary habits and creative risk.

Disruptions challenge our defenses
catalyst for catharsis
risking safety for an intangible freedom.

We must forge a bridge that spans old and new
and incorporates meticulous attention to intuition.
Listening, listening, listening
with compassion and discernment.
Seek the balance that bridges the divide.
Align discipline and patience
towards breaking new ground.

The confluence of cycles amps up the volume for change. It is a call for mindfulness. The temptation is to submerge in old habits. We're treading worn pathways - is there a new way to look and listen? July 26 marks the final passage of the Saturn Uranus opposition (the first was in November 2008, the very date of Obama's election). Tension between freedom and responsibility. Collective awakening, jolts of change. Fear of the future and holding on to the past. Innovative reconstruction.

The crises we face awakens us to the broaden our perspective of our collective, the larger whole of which each one of us is a part. Reassessment, coming to terms with responsibility and commitment and the roles we assume in our relationships, social and professional lives. Evolving maturity, seeking resolution. Bright ideas, innovation, technology. Contradiction. Laughter. New creative force. Lightening in the dark. Conflict and struggle. Revolution.

The Saturn - Uranus cycle spans approximately 45 1/2 years. The last time this aspect occurred was 1964-1967. Major transformations of social order and customs. The Civil Rights Act of 1964. Johnson wins the presidential election by a landslide. Protests against the Vietnam War. The Beatles first tour of the USA. Widespread experimentation with mind-altering substances. "The sexual revolution". That just skims the surface! Fascinating and complex for the generation born during that time that are now experiencing major upheaval and reconfiguration in their lives.

Additionally, Jupiter and Pluto are traveling in square with a particular intensity throughout July and August. Unrelenting passion to dig up the truth. Courage to pursue passions and ambitions. Fiery inspiration empowers a bold push through obstacles, yet can also manifest as foolish optimism and greed. It is through our shadows we transform power and renew faith. What is the relationship between truth and power in our lives?

Mars enters Libra July 29 (though September 14) and energizes the refinement of awareness through interactions with others. Mars ricochets through the tense web of outer planets July 29 - August 3 and the challenge of balancing our relationships can be felt as burdensome, agitating, inspiring or cathartic. It is harder to maintain dysfunctional relationships. How may we bring balance and cooperation without being phony and dishonest? Venus follows and enters Libra on August 6 and travels the same ground through August 10. We continue to be drawn to and into relationship dynamics, we are involved, we can't just stand back and watch.

Collectively and individually, we are in the midst of a series of very complicated designs of transformation. Practicing kindness and compassion towards ourselves and others lubricates the wheels of change.

Our allies are the willingness and courage to change, inspiration, innovation, resourcefulness and cooperation.
Seek balance and beauty in the everyday. Breakthrough. Focus. One day at a time.
You are an integral part of the design.

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