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General News · 29th July 2010
The negative energy around this tax issue is dividing our community and making the usually fun activity of reading the Marketer each week, a chore. Please read on.

There are real issues in this world. I have seen them, though hard to look at, and there is so many, it is hard to count. Starving children in Africa, orphaned homeless AIDS positive children. Orphaned children in India. Look them in the eyes, feel their tears on your skin, feel your own tears mixing with theirs, and see if we still have any "issues" here in Paradise. Cortes, where we have fresh water, free food, free clothes, abundant clean air, a solid strong community and a pristine natural environment. We were lucky enough to be born in Canada, incarnated into this life on Cortes Island. Even the poorest of us, is affluent compared to 80% of the world's population.

There are more real issues, that come in many forms; children with missing limbs in Afghanistan and Iraq, children forced into pornography, women stoned to death for wanting freedom, teenagers in the prostitute trade, addicts on meths, the oil destroying marine habitats in the Gulf of Mexico, the threat of extinction of so many members of our animal and plant kingdom. And in 5 seconds a child will die of starvation and five seconds more...another.

We waste our time, money, resources, words, breath and thoughts on something so trivial as an $85 tax per land parcel, on this tiny speck of an island, in our big blue world. The printing costs of one Marketer could save the lives of a few children. All those 40 or 50 wasted pages (photocopied 800 plus times), of complaining over these last 6 months could save a village of children.

Stop the cycle of negativity now. Invest your resources and words in life affirming activities. You can be a part of the positive solution to recreating harmony on this island and then in turn on our planet. We are but a microcosm of the whole. You create your own reality. Create it with tenderness and care, for you, for your children, your children's children and so on and so on. The future is in your hands.

With respect,

Lovena Harvey
250 935 6993