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General News · 21st July 2010
Ester Strijbos
Do you know why the SCCA needs money? (to find out we need a year end financial statement from accountant). You don't care to know how much they need and what they would spend it on? (we need: budget) Don't you find it hard to vote in a referendum without all the information? Would it not have been healthy for our community to have had a meeting where we looked at the problem? And IF it was needed, to draft a Bylaw ourselves? Based on information gathered before the Bylaw was written?

Have you read the whole Bylaw and are aware that the proposed tax is for any hall on the island, not just the SCCA? Including the building of new halls and maintaining, enlarging and improving any of our halls on the island? Is it really that awful to want to be informed? Do you know that you cannot defer your taxes if you don't have fire insurance? Do you not care at all for the people that cannot afford this tax? Because there are a whole lot of seniors that can't. Do you know that educational, recreational & cultural properties can be exempt? (and similar purposes). Are you really not interested in exploring alternatives or listening to other options available, even if they could maintain our halls and keep your tax bill from going up? (and I am not talking volunteerism) You really rather pay tax without any answers? Community consultation for the community at large is a positive tool. You can learn, engage and make an informed decision. That can't be that bad.

The "overwhelming" SCCA vote to go to referendum was for members only and does not represent the whole island. 123 people voted yes for a referendum of the 187 SCCA members attending. Our island population is approx. 1042.

I am asking Noba for public consultation meetings with the community at large, where the answers are available. There are lots of people out there with similar and very different questions. Why can't we talk about it?

Why would you write a support letter to the SRD when you don't know how much the SCCA needs in tax dollars and how they are going to spend it? Why instead, don't you send Noba an email or give her a call, and ask her for public community consultation where questions are answered. And for the people that are for the tax and are "processed out" as Noba told me, they don't have to come to the meetings. We can share the outcome with the community at large.