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General News · 18th July 2010
Dianne Bersea
Cortes Day was the Community Day that nearly didn't happen..., and I'm so glad it did! What fun! And even more fun to be directly involved. I've usually had a booth at Cortes Day to sell my art and prints. This time I had a part (a small one, I must admit) in supporting various endeavours by the dedicated people who want to see our Community Halls remain a vital part of this island. I made some signs, I donated some artwork to an auction, I flipped some burgers, Jodi made a pie. Oh, and I bought a lot of tickets for raffles including the "Key". Didn't win anything but I enjoyed it all. Wonderful networking and connections too.

Then I came home and received a note that all the Cortes Day hard work and the Manson's AGM Parcel Tax and Referendum "Yes" vote, was being quietly undermined by a vigorous letter writing campaign & delegation to oppose our majority vote for a Referendum.

Everyone has a right to express their opinion. I don't argue with that, but sadly, and foolishly I've been going about my business thinking that the Parcel Tax issue WAS going to a Referendum. Unless we all speak up AGAIN, our elected regional reps may ignore our overwhelming YES TO A REFERENDUM vote at the AGM.

I did talk to a "no parcel tax" community member who said that they just don't want any more taxes. My response: "Currently, my taxes are going for rivets on the tail section of a Canadian Forces CF 18, the administrative paper work involved in approving off-shore drilling, possibly some forest fighting equipment and two blood pressure cuffs in a medical clinic.... maybe. If I support the Community Hall Parcel tax I will know where a maximum of $85 in tax dollars will be going. I can see it, I can feel it, I can use it. How wonderful to have tax dollars spent for the direct benefit of my friends and neighbours."

Attached, see letter to Regional District Board.