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General News · 22nd June 2010
Howl Magazine
I got upset with not what you said but how you said it.
You get so mad.
Yes, I do.
I don’t know what to say.
What is the truth?
In my dreams, I spend a lot of time waiting for you, looking for you.
I like the way that makes me feel.

That waiting tables dream was so real.
I asked “what time do I start?”
The bartender said “nine-thirty.”
“At night?”
“No. In the morning.”
Before I met you, I never got up that early.

Can’t smoke anymore.
What do you mean, can’t?
It doesn’t work.
It doesn’t do what it’s supposed to anymore.
All those things not satisfying anymore.
Well, single malt scotch is good.
My dad would like that.
The first time anyone wished me a happy fathers day.

I was thinking about what John said about it being a hard time.
Lots of anger, he said, and pain, started a week ago and on going for another six weeks.
I like this. I feel much more relaxed now.

Well, it’s sacred when we hold hands.
We get real clear about something we want to manifest, like
a gargantuan snow cloud.
I don't know if we should get too clear on this one.