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General News · 22nd June 2010
At the WCC meeting on 17th May, concerning the proposal of a Hall tax, to help our Community Halls, many people present suggested that we could, or should be operating the halls by volunteers, as in the good old days. This is not a new idea, as a small group of dedicated volunteers have been supporting both halls since their inception..In an effort to help reduce the Gorge Hall’s expenses, I would suggest to those who supported this novel idea, that perhaps they would like to help, by maintaining the grass and environs, at the Gorge hall, and the Old Schoolhouse Gallery, as this is a task currently contracted out to a landscape contractor, and would be a means of reducing the expenses of the WCC significantly. If interested, I would be willing to accept names, and put you in touch with each other, so you can organize a maintenance rota. The requirements, apart from enthusiasm and dedication, will be a mower and a weedwacker.
This is not a WCC message.
Chris Napper (volunteer) 935- 6864