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General News · 15th June 2010
The recent ministry of lands decision to prohibit sale of school board lands to private interests, and 2004 provincial septic field legislation that effectively increased the cost of commercial septic fields six-fold, have forced me to move on to greener pastures and new dreams elsewhere. Thank you to those who have shared the good times and helped me endure the many rough periods my business has endured these last eleven years. I alway believed good intentions and positive gestures were more important than making money, and I feel blessed that in my darkest moments, when bankruptcy seemed inevitable, I always chose to do the right thing, in my own heart.

Thank you Bertha Jeffery, for helping me keep the Tak open by extending me so much credit, and then allowing me three years to pay you back, with no interest. Your kindness meant so much to me. Thank you Eric Donolo, for lending me the money to keep the lights on, and to get out to Alberta to make some money and pay my debts down. One day I hope to emulate your unflinching generosity when someone asks me for help. Thank you, Joel Solomon, for financing my dreams when no financial institution would dare, and for your patience, charity and guidance through so many difficult and harrowing times. Any bank would have put me out of business, but you gave me second, third and fourth chances to get my business to a point where it could make a solid community a little bit better. You and Carol have left an indelible mark on my life and the larger community with your generosity.

Best wishes to the Co-op as they assume the stewardship of the lease, and please support the Sunset, Marnies Books and Monkeywrench Bikes. Their struggles are not small, and their contributions to this village are immense.

With everlasting gratitude for all your love, affection and support, Tak Scott.