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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Tax Consumers ?
Yesterday I was introduced to a new phrase " Tax Consumers" on the Tideline . This term was used when commenting on a tax proposal , in context it reads
This is another attempt to force taxpayers to subsidize tax consumers.
This comment was made in relationship to a new tax proposal for the local fire department .
I seek clarification on what a " Tax Consumer" is . Is it someone who drives on publicly funded roadways or uses health care ? Is it someone who turns on a light switch , using BC Hydro or uses the ferry to come and go from the island ? Is it someone who calls the Police when a crime has been committed or the Fire Dept if their house catches on fire?
You see all of these things are in one way or another " tax funded or subsidized so I am confused about who these evil " Tax Consumers" are if they are not you or me ?