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General News · 1st June 2010
Mary Lavelle, Hall Manager
The SCCA AGM on May 31, 2010 was astoundingly well attended. There were 187 ballots counted. An overwhelming majority voted in support of the four executive motions put forward to the membership.

1. I support the SCCA Board recommendation that a parcel tax be the form of tax for Strathcona Regional District funding of community halls.
Yes: 140
No: 47
Total votes: 187
Percentage of yes votes: 74%

2. I agree that the SCCA request the Strathcona Regional District go to referendum to allow the residents of Cortes Island the opportunity to vote on supporting community halls as a service paid for by property taxes.
Yes: 123
No: 46
Total votes: 169
Percentage of yes votes: 72%

3. I agree that the SCCA membership will have the opportunity at each Annual General Meeting to set the amount requested for the following year.
Yes: 142
No: 41
Total votes: 183
Percentage of yes votes: 77%

4. I agree that the SCCA request to the Strathcona Regional Board for funding will not exceed $85 per parcel.
Yes: 148
No: 33
Total votes: 181
Percentage of yes votes: 81%

Thank you to everyone who came out. The meeting was well run and the community process was calm and civil. Everyone was listened to and everyone was respectful. Congratulations to the community for stepping up and showing once again what an awesome bunch we are.

Thank you to the volunteer Board members: Myrna Kerr, Del Hendon, Elinor Bazar, Jenny Hartwick, Garnette Blackie, Terri Storey, Romina Wendell, Laura Heslin, Joy Shipway.

Thank you to the volunteers who helped put together and facilitate the meeting: Andy Ellingsen, Julian Ayers, Jim Hentschel, Gail Ringwood, Chloe Gregg, Tom Bennet, Mary Lavelle, Mary Gordon.

Thank you Director Noba Anderson for coming out and informing us on the tax issues.