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General News · 31st May 2010
jack Wills
Dear Myrna Kerr

I am writing to you in your capacity Board Chairperson of the Southern Cortes Community Association regarding of the just posted notice of agenda for its Annual General Meeting tonight.

Under the heading of New Business, Hall Service Tax, there seems to be no provision for a vote regarding the memberships desire to HAVE a tax. There is only a proposed vote on two items:

1....The format of a future tax

2.....The request for a referendum funded by the SRD

I fail to see why the first item to be discussed and voted on would not be if the S.C.C.A. membership actually favours a tax in the first place. A simple question such as "do you want The S.C.C.A. to be funded by a form of property tax?" YES/NO.
If a tax is desired by the membership, then the format discussion would naturally follow. If a tax is not desired, then discussion of alternate methods of financial support could be considered.

Please be so kind as to inform me as to why a "Tax-Yes/No vote will not be first new business agenda item, or indeed even presented as an option.

Jack Wills