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General News · 30th May 2010
Fred Morris
There should not be a debate on whether the SCCA should be trusted with tax payers money until the executive does the following:

Follow the constitution and bylaws by allowing all directors and members to examine all the records. Stop the secrecy and encourage debate by rescinding the practice of making directors sign a statement of confidentiality, i.e. imposing secrecy. All Directors should have a membership list so that if there is a dispute with the executive they can go to the membership for guidance.

The present and past executive demanded every meeting be held in camera [secrecy] and directors can not discuss matters with anyone. [secrecy] It is only with consensus of the membership that major decisions should be made.

Several years ago one of the executives at the time told me it took living on the island 15 years before the this charade was figured out. Instead of doing something about it that person joined in. When I tried to do something about it that person would not give me the records so I could do something about it.

On Monday I urge you to vote against any tax proposal until there is an executive that will follow the constitution and bylaws and open up the books for examination. There has to be a procedure in place to avoid this secrecy. Only total membership involvement will accomplish this.

Maybe it is time for a rate payers association so all land owners can be informed and have a say in what taxes they pay and how it is spent.

The year end financial statement only tells if the books are balance or not. What we need to know is, "ARE WE GETING BEST VALUE FOR MONEY SPENT'. I say we are not.