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Notices, Workshops & Rides: nuisance by-law requested
Last fall there was a public meeting at Manson's Hall to discuss by-law changes. There were 4 tables set up, each with a chair person. Participant input was recorded. I sat at the "nuisance by-law" table and I assure you that the SRD was not mistaken in their understanding that many of us requested this addition to our by-law.

Some of you seem to be suggesting that this idea comes comes from the SRD. Please try to attend local meetings so that you will know what is going on and where suggestions are coming from. Members of this community, myself among them, clearly requested that a nuisance by-law be included in our by-law and further, that there be teeth in this to ensure conformity----warning-----fine----unpaid fine added to property tax.

This would be complaint driven and would affect very few. Some situations are fire and health hazards, and though they are few, they need to be corrected.

Sue Ellingsen