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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Do we actually have a nuisance problem?
One of the nuisance controls being sought to control is graffiti@, who defines whether something is graffiti or art? Can only wonder if this bylaw is being drawn up targeting specific situations to fit into a general offense. If there are properties on Cortes that require clean up for safety, we need to look at solutions rather than something punitive. Seems to me there are far bigger problems to focus our energy on solving, instead of creating more problems by making people become offenders. If your neighbour has a build up of unsightly weeds, garbage or derelict buildings, how about a good old fashioned offering of neighbourly helping hands, that would be more effective in cleaning up instead of District fines and charges to do a clean up.
So if we want to talk about nuisance@ where is the district helping with removing the huge build up of scotch broom growing along all the public roadways and see what kind of cost that would amount to before we start trying to blow apart private properties. What is the real problem that brought about proposing this bylaw?