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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Thanks Noba
I wonder how many of you appreciate what a truly heroic job Noba Anderson did over the past several months to help secure community housing lands at Manson's Landing? And all this has been well above and beyond her immediate duties as an elected representative.
Secure rental housing and more seniors housing is a pressing issue that will shape the future of our community. We all know that, for most, the local economy just does not support an income that allows us to buy land or a home here now. And a healthy community is one where old, young and middle aged have a secure future.
Noba has a profound vision of the need to provide that security now and for future generations. And she has put countless hours into getting the housing initiative started. And it's happening!
AND she is a new mother and has extensive duties as our elected representative on top of that.
Deep heartfelt thanks to Noba.
David Rousseau