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Buy, Sell & Trade: Rhubarb champagne deadline
I want to make rhubarb champagne when the rhubarb is prime and we're running out of time. If you haven't already ordered, please place do so by May 19. If you didn't receive my first email the details are below.

Yes, it's that time of year again. The rhubarb is up, we're gathering it in and starting our annual rhubarb champagne frenzy. Most of you are very familiar with it but if not, know that it is the most popular wine we have ever made -- our #1 best seller. I make it from scratch with organic rhubarb from Laura Ellingsen and Linnaea Farm. It's a mix of rhubarb and white wine, highly carbonated, and presented in a proper champagne bottle with the wire cage and foil top, and labelled with an attractive label identifying it as a Cortes product. Many people save it for the holiday season and present it to their family and friends.
Please phone (935-0126) or email to sign up or would just like more details (I'm not allowed to advertise the price...). Also inquire about a possible tasting.

Thanks, and cheers!