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General News · 10th May 2010
A local group of meditation enthusiasts has just published a cartoon book dedicated entirely to the subject of meditation. Titled Sit Illustrated, it includes over 100 original illustrations of what can go wrong, go right, or go just plain ridiculous in that simple-seeming task of sitting still.

Meditation often goes with things like 'peace' and 'stillness,' and books on these subjects abound. But as anyone who's put their backside on a cushion and tried it knows, there are other sides to meditation that are equally – well, interesting. Sit Illustrated fills this obvious gap in the literature on the world's most widely practiced spiritual sport. And it's non-fiction each cartoon is drawn from the real meditative record of the person who drew it.

The book starts with illustrating why people sit – a few of the existential boondoogles that can land people on the meditative cushion in the first place. Then it's on to practical matters: how to sit without losing any limbs (at least not permanently), the joys of meditating in public places, the many ways sitting can be enhanced when done amongst other dedicated sitters – in theory anyway
and other pertinent subjects.

Once the external details are sorted out, we're on to that strange blob between the ears, when the real fun begins! Madcap mental merry-go-somewheres, hallucination attacks, psychosis (real or imagined), and spontaneous emotional upheavals are just some of the diversions enjoyed by the world's meditators, and they're all in Sit Illustrated.

The final chapters illustrate some of things that can happen when meditation goes right – from the surprising to the sublime and back.

This new addition to the culture of self study and spiritual effort will be available at Marnie's books and online at Get a sneak peek of some of the cartoons and subscribe to a free meditation cartoon e-newsletter at