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General News · 2nd May 2010
Scientist have discovered our sun is a binary system that has a twin star call brown dwarf with an elliptical orbit of 3500 years. This brown dwarf star is currently approaching our solar system, creating perturbations and dramatically affecting the sun, the earth and all the planets of our solar system. Throughout history this twin dark star of the sun has had many names:
“Nibiru” in the writings of the Sumerians and Babylonians
“Marduk” in the Babylonian religion
“Phateon” in the Greek literature
“Nemesis” in the Greek mythology
“Apollyon” in Babylonian mythology
“Apollo” in Greek mythology
“G1.9” as a working title by NASA
“Eris”, the name given by NASA to the newly discovered 10th planet which could also be an attempt to move your attention away from the real thing
“Planet X” by various astronomers and authors
“Nemesis” as a nickname by NASA scientists
“The Planet of the Crossing” in ancient writings
“The Destroyer” in the Old Testament of the Bible
“The Destroyer” in ancient writings of the Egyptians
“Wormwood” in the book of revelation
“Brown Dwarf” is the term that classifies the object in its astrophysical nature.
Rulers of the world and the international scientific community have invested a great deal of money and effort propagating and twisting the facts of “global warming”. “Climate change”, as its spokesman Al Gore and the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) portrays it, is a deception to make you believe that something else is going on. “Global warming” and rising ocean levels are indeed what we are seeing but carbon emissions is certainly not the cause for the coming catastrophic events. Al Gore’s film is a smoke screen to conceal the true source of abrupt climate change and violently rising ocean levels. Another deception is the predicted time line of the events. In reality the events will be with us much sooner.

The Works of The Brown dwarf
In fact the trigger for the lately observed earth changes is of a different kind. The true source is approaching us from outer darkness. It is a star, a ‘brown dwarf’ and its orbiting planets plus their moons and its 5 asteroid belts, all together a swirling debris field of a quarter of a million miles wide which is crossing our solar plane right now and is indeed getting close enough to turn our world upside down.

The dark sun is several times (5 to 8 times) larger than Earth and about a hundred times denser is heading our way on a trajectory that will soon take it close enough to cause global catastrophes which include:

increasing extreme behavior of the sun
increased warming of the earth core and surface
coronal mass ejections (CME) of the sun, blasting harmful X-rays and UV radiation in deadly doses onto the earth.
failure of the power grid and the entire infrastructure that relays on electricity through a interstellar electromagnetic pulse (CME)
terminal failure of all electrical equipment which is not shielded properly.
the collapse of the earth’s magnetic field which is now shielding us from cosmic and solar radiation. As a result all organisms and exposed plants without proper protection will experience
extreme heat and scorching from the sun
severe or deadly UVA, UVB, and gamma (X) radiation
overexposure to cosmic rays
dramatic increase in meteoric/asteroid impacts on the planet
severe and abrupt violent climate changes
wild swings in temperature
torrential rains
huge snowfalls
record hail storms
increased seismic activity in number and in strength
more great and catastrophic earthquakes
widespread volcanic eruptions
a shift or flip of the geographical poles, The gravitational pull of the strange star’s mass will cause the earth to slow down and maybe bring it to a complete halt. The tilting earth will create a “slosh” of all the ocean water that is now bulged up around the equator due to the centrifugal forces of earth’s spinning motion. As a result of these shifting and moving water masses there will be
tsunamis and violently rising ocean levels up to 400 feet (120 meter)
flooding of all coastal areas
shifting, lifting and sinking landmasses
landmasses sinking into and rising out of the ocean
tidal, crustal and rogue waves
200+ mph (320+ kph) winds as the jet stream is coming down to ground level
more tornadoes and regular hurricanes
hurricanes over land
shifting of the climatic regions and seasons
change of the length of days and of the calender
To help you understand what is going to happen in the event of a pole shift and where all the water will come from that will flood the coasts we are quoting from a newsletter that John R Moore has posted as an update to a paper on preparedness that he wrote.

John R Moore

“ (…) The size of the world’s ocean’s is a bit difficult to wrap your brain around. Of the 197 million square miles of planetary surface, 139.5 million square miles are oceans!

According to the University of Southern California (USC) Geology Department, the world’s oceans vary in their levels by 180 meters (highs to lows) that’s 594 feet! This is a major part of the puzzle as to where all the water will come from that will cause worldwide tsunamis (tidal- waves) and worldwide flooding! These variations in ocean levels are (I quote from USC): “Caused by gravitational differences resulting from irregularities in the lithosphere.” Professor McCanney states that the Earth’s rotation is the major factor in this phenomenon.

Here’s what this means in plain English. The oceans have millions of square miles of water above what we think of as sea level. The oceans also have millions of square miles of water below what we think of as sea level. Go back to what the USC says above. This accounts for how the water stays in place (gravity & earth’s rotation). What is necessary to cause worldwide tsunamis (tidal waves) and worldwide flooding? New, outside forces that disrupt the earth’s rotation that currently keeps the water where it is. (…)

A disruption in the Earth’s rotation in either speed (normally 1,000 miles per hour) or direction (a pole shift), These possibilities are incorporated in what Professor McCanney calls “action at a distance, caused by very large comet” and the Earth is in deep trouble in a matter of a month (or less). Ladies and gentlemen, as I state above, the water for world-wide tsunamis & world-wide flooding is already in the world’s oceans!

The records, both in geology and historical, reflect that multiple events will be occurring simultaneously i.e. melting ice in the Antarctic & Greenland, earthquakes, tsunamis (tidal waves), flooding, torrential rains, abrupt (tropical to arctic minutes!) climate change, 200 mph (320 kph) winds, volcanism, the Gulf Stream stopping and dare I say: a pole shift!”


John Moore is a retired ‘Green Beret’ (United States Army Special Forces ) and a war veteran. He flew 57 combat missions over Vietnam and Cambodia, then became a private investigator, firearms instructor, intelligence analyst and active homicide detective. Watch his two hour presentation here:

John Moore – Global Warming – What the Government isn’t telling you

Retired ‘Green Beret’ John R Moore explains what is really behind the effects of climate change and why the elite is covertly preparing for violently rising ocean levels. He exposes the cover-up of an extinction level threat due to the approaching star (The Destroyer) and its planets. This is vital information for you and your family. His website is: You can listen to ‘The John Moore Show’ on ‘The Micro Effect’ Monday through Friday 7-8 AM Central and on Fridays 4-5 PM Central with Dr. Bill Deagle on the ‘Nutri-Medical Report’ (also see their archives for older shows) Listen also to ‘The John Moore Show’ on Republic Broadcasting Network on Sundays 4-5 PM Central to catch the newest information in this developing crisis. ‘
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