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General News · 26th April 2010
Reprinted from the flyer in our mail boxes

The Cortes Community Health Association is pleased to announce that the Health Centre has returned to their regular hours of operation Monday through Friday. We are very happy to welcome Dr. Jacques Simenhoff as the long term physician locum starting May 10. Over the next several weeks there will be physician locum coverage by Dr. Tracy Tresoor and Dr. Cathy Durrante.

As most of you are aware, the Health Centre has been struggling to resume full services since Dr.Overhill stepped down. The Board, and Health Centre team have put significant effort in getting the Health Centre back to full time services.

Dr. Overhill managed her medical practice at the Health Centre which included employment of the office staff. When she needed to cease practicing, the office staff no longer had an employer. This change has caused great hardship for both the community and the staff. We have been fortunate that our nurse practitioner Anita Dotts continued to work full time at the Health Centre in the interim. She, the office staff and the Board have ensured that health services continued to be available for the community. Many thanks Anita.

Through VIHA's Nurse Practitioner funding, the Health Centre was able to function with limited staff hours while the CCHA worked towards a more permanent solution. Chloe Gregg and Heidi Hueniken deserve our thanks and appreciation for their hard work under difficult circumstances.

There are other communities that have experienced similar disruptions in health services when physicians or other practitioners leave their practice. A practical solution for our community to maintain continuous service is for the CCHA to employ the office staff and manage the overhead costs of running the practice. The nurse practitioner will provide her portion of the overhead and staff costs to the CCHA and when Dr. Simenhoff arrives, he will cover the remainder of overhead and staff costs. This solution to the management of the medical practice will ensure that health services to Cortes islanders will remain constant. In the interim, prior to the arrival of Dr. Simenhoff, VIHA will continue to provide bridge funding to cover the overhead and staff costs for the medical practice.

There have been several positive changes at the health centre during this time of transition that will continue. Drop-in lab work continues Monday and Wednesday mornings. Prescription refills continue to require an office appointment. And finally we are embarking on improvements in office processes that will improve patient care.

The CCHA Board will do its best to continue to keep the community abreast of the new changes to health services at the centre.

We look forward to an improved Community Health Centre for our community.

Executive Board Members
Ed Safarik - President
Paola Filippin - Vice President
Isolde Tutheenburg - Treasurer

Directors 2010
Robert Fraser
Robert Chapman
Rosie Hanson
Paul Kirmmse
Emilie Hansen
Jason Andrews
Ginnie Ellingsen
Ron Croda
Jeremy Morrow