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General News · 16th April 2010
This is in response to Mary Clare's earlier article about Rogers cell phone service. A few weeks ago, I was in Campbell River and tried calling Cortes with my Rogers cell phone. However, what used to be a local call was now being billed as long distance. I contacted the Rogers office in Campbell River to find out why and was referred to their main office. I called Rogers' head office and was told that changes had been made to local calling area boundaries. In effect, Rogers has decided to arbitrarily restrict the boundaries of local calling areas without informing its customers. As a result, calls that were once considered as local are now being billed as long distance. This is a breach of the agreement we signed with Rogers when we purchased our cell phone plan, since that agreement provided for a specific local calling area that Rogers has now restricted considerably. After pointing this out to the Rogers representative I spoke with, I was immediately offered 100 free minutes of long distance calls per month. I chose to accept this compromise, only because we don't use our cell phone much. However, if you use your cell phone a lot, 100 minutes of free long distance calls will probably not be enough to cover local calls that are now be billed as long distance.