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General News · 11th April 2010
Nonviolent Direct Action
By Norleen Lillico
A second Nonviolent Direct Action workshop is being offered through Wildstands.
Please join myself and Ragin’ Granny extraordinaire, Jean McLaren from Gabriola Island, on Saturday, April 17th for an afternoon workshop in nonviolent action.

This workshop is full. Now is the time to e-mail your registration for the May training. Please see e-mail address below.

Nonviolence is the courageous act of refusing to cooperate with injustice. It is a movement with a long and successful past. Gandhi is the leader given credit for first using nonviolent resistance to change a social injustice perpetrated by a dominant force. Nonviolent resistance tactics helped win the vote for women in both Canada and the United States. The “Handbook for Nonviolent Action”, published by the War Resisters League in NY, contains a quote that describes the philosophy of Nonviolent Resistance,

“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote that the philosophy and practice of non-violence has six basic elements. First, nonviolence is resistance to evil and oppression. It is a human way to fight. Second, it does not seek to defeat or humiliate the opponent, but to win his/her friendship and understanding. Third, the nonviolent method is an attack on the forces of evil rather than against persons doing the evil. It seeks to defeat the evil and not the persons doing the evil and injustice. Forth, it is the willingness to accept suffering, without retaliation. Fifth a nonviolent resister avoids both external physical and internal spiritual violence – not only refuses to shoot, but also to hate, an opponent. The ethic of real love is at the center of nonviolence. Sixth, the believer in nonviolence has a deep faith in the future and the forces in the universe are seen to be on the side of justice.
(Stride Toward Freedom Perennial Library, Harper & Row)”
From the ‘Handbook for Nonviolent Action’ published by the War Resisters League in NY.

I had the incredible honour of working with some inspirational and dedicated nonviolence instructors when I was a director with the Friends of Clayoquot Sound from 1991-1995. We were resisting clear-cut logging of ancient forests. The summer of 1993, The Peace Camp Summer, changed my life forever. We hosted the world to Canada’s largest peaceful protest. In the camp we strived to live the change we wanted in the world. I came away from the experience realizing that the only thing that can really make a difference in the world is a community of dedicated, peace-loving people.

Why all this talk of nonviolent action now? There are great concerns about I.T.’s plans to clearcut their land on Cortes to make a ‘nice’ profit for their shareholders, leaving the ecosystems devastated. In her novel, “All Over Creation”, Ruth Ozeki said it best; “Resistance is fertile.”

the second
Comment by pomme on 13th April 2010
I am so grateful and excited for the second direct action training on Cortes!! Much thanks, Norleen!