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General News · 7th April 2010
Wendy Watson C. Ht.
If you are pregnant chances are you are looking for a gentle and healthy way to give birth to your coming bundle of joy. If this is true for you, hypno-birthing might be just the answer you are looking for. The previous generation found an alternative to hospital births through home-birthing and midwifery. Many techniques were used to make the experience an enlightened one; however hypno-birthing hadn't been born yet. Hypno-birthing is a way to give birth with very little discomfort. This is possible due to the fact that hypnosis always includes a degree of anesthesia: it's just a question of how much. Medically speaking, anesthesia and hypnosis border each other, and their lines are somewhat blurred. Whether it be with general anesthesia or local anesthesia the recipient cannot feel pain because the messages that transmit the feeling of pain to the brain are blocked by the drugs. Blocked pain receptors can even occur naturally, an example of which is seen when people don't feel pain of a wound until after they become fully conscious of the event that caused it.

However, pain is the body's way of informing the mind to do something: pull away from the stove or go to the doctor. As hypnotherapists we do not take away the feeling of discomfort because it could be a warning sign. It's the same in the birthing process. Hypnosis is a technique whereby the mother can feel the “message” but not interpret it as “pain”. Hypno-birthing transforms labour. Hypnotherapists can assist a mother in consciously controlling how her mind interprets what she is feeling. The mind is triggered to go into a fully alert hypnotic state, which allows the mother to actively participate in the birthing process without the corresponding feeling of pain. Contractions are just that-pressure, movement and at times some discomfort. A mother needs to stay aware of the stages of labour in order to know when to get assistance (mid-wives, doctors), as well as to know when to “push” in the final stages of birth. It is preferable to begin a six-session hypno-preparation during the sixth month of pregnancy.

Six Sessions

In the first session the mother is hypnotized, reaching a depth that can be accessed with the use of an “anchor”. She can utilize this tool 24/7. An audio recording of this session is given in order to practice self-hypnosis at home. This is the key to success.

The second session includes a hypnotic induction, as well as a review of how the home practices are progressing.

The third session is called a mini-vacation because the mom-to-be goes on a guided imagery trip through hypnosis. This trip can be revisited during the birthing process. Positives messages become associated with all the stages of pregnancy.

The fourth session brings the birthing partner into the hypno-birthing process. They are taught how to be of assistance in this incredible miracle.

The fifth session is a special one in which the pregnant woman will be put into a somnambulistic hypnotic state. In this state she can walk, talk and follow directions and yet be so deep as not to feel anything but discomfort if she were in labour.

During the sixth session the actual birthing process is given a trial run where the mother can imagine the dilation of the cervix feeling like a gentle massage. The transition of the baby coming down the birth canal feeling as easy as putting a turtleneck sweater over one's head. Imagery is a powerful tool!

The birth of a baby is the most magical of all the times in one's life. Enjoy every waking moment!

For free consultations contact me by phone or email. I am available for phone sessions. In-person-sessions on Cortez Island can be scheduled starting August 1, 2010.

Wendy Watson C. Ht.
Phone: 310-633-0751