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General News · 25th March 2010
SCCA Board
As many of you will have noticed, we have beautiful new doors at Manson’s Hall.

Many thanks to Claude Poulin for creating such strong and beautiful doors for the community’s use and enjoyment.

No more need for strong fingers to depress a worn out latch ! No more yanking on the door and wondering if it is locked or open! No more trying to adjust hardware that was beyond anyone’s help or repair!

These doors were funded by the 2007/2008 Gaming Grant. We applied for and were granted $5,000.00 for the purchase of new doors and hardware.

When Gaming money is received, it is designated by the Gaming Branch to be used only to complete specific projects or programs, and can only be used for that purpose. The SCCA Board does not have discretionary power over the use of the funds. We can, however, ensure we hire local craftsmen so that the money goes towards income for Cortes Islanders and stimulates the local economy.

A huge thank you to Steve and Gail Ringwood and Mark Appleyard for volunteering to complete the installation. The metal work, kick boards and trim were all done perfectly. Thank you also to them for cleanup in the garden and front door area and removal the old doors.

The old doors are for sale, if you are interested in purchasing them please submit a bid to the SCCA Hall Manager.
Comment by Tamara on 26th March 2010
Those doors are beautiful As a person who uses the hall to sell wares at the Farmer's Market, the Library for taking out many books for myself and my children, the Cortes Cafe for filling my belly with Garnett's wonderful food and having downtime with my friends, the Thrift Store for finding good work pants, the post office for sending off Christmas packages - I felt proud walking in those new doors! Thank you to the SCCA Board for all you do to keep the doors open! It truly is a community center - let's keep working at it to keep that way, and if that involves brainstorming and trying new ideas, let's do it! Thinking out of the box is what Cortes Island does best, and it would feel alot better to me if people would stop saying mean things to each other through the Tideline and spend that energy on creative ways to make Our Community Hall a self-sustaining thing! If you see something missing, it's your chance to step up and offer your services May all the seeds we plant this spring bring us true abundance and happiness!