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Buy, Sell & Trade: more about free shipping from Amazon to Cortes
I need to elucidate further on my recommendation that you start a chat with an Amazon employee, in order to get shipping charges removed when the product that you buy is labelled free shipping.
When you are in your Amazon account, and before completing your purchase, you will want to communicate with a representative to remove the shipping charges. After the software, with a series of questions, has narrowed down your type of query, you are given 3 communication options:
email, phone or chat.
Email will not get a response for 12 hours; if you choose to phone, the person responding will be sympathetic and encouraging and mostly unhelpful.
Chat gives the rep a little more time to read, assimilate, ponder and respond to your text.
If the text that you send is a clear concise explanation of the issue, with no emotional or blame content, you will give the rep a positive and actionable handle to work with.
The additional and exorbitant shipping charges to Cortes Island have no foundation in reality and since cancelling the charges will not cost the company any money the rep will cancel