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General News · 1st March 2010
sonya friesen
What about global climate change?What about our own Cortes carbon emissions?Transportation is a big one.Some might be able to afford a new hybrid or electric car but most of us are on the bus.Where's the bus?Lets stop waiting and start our own community bus and increase our use of the Cortes Connection,Cortes Transport,and Ride share .How?Tired of just talking about all the pros and cons.How about joining the Island Transportation Share Co-op.This co-op could include a shared van (could run as van pool/ride share or small bus),car ,work truck, bicycles, electric bikes,boat,etc..unrealistic,maybe.Do you believe?(hockey gold that worked)For now we have a small van to start up with. The Victoria car share co-op and the recently formed Cowichan Green Community car share willing to help with set up.Interested in membership?(cheaper than owning your own car) or helping with structure ,rules etc.please send e-mail to or ph.935-6954 or 286-0468. __--------------------------------------------------------------The big vision we see The Cortes Conservation Energy Co-op.Imagine the transportation co-op being just one of many projects under the conservation umbrella .-------------------------------1. group purchasing co-op for house hold solar thermal hot water collectors,solar power panels ,insulation etc. ------------------------------2 .use our memberships household conserved peak time B.C. hydro electricity and bank the savings collectively for future $ or in exchange for funds towards the Cortes bus,sort of like carbon trading but keeping it local,not for G.E. to sell back to us .----------------------------------This could include members who are wishing to sell their own new power (Cortes energy ?infinite definition)back to grid, payback in $ or in trade for share in car or boat etc. This would be an energy co-op with a big twist,conservation, numbers go down not up .The United Nations has named 2012 the year of the co-operative ,perhaps because the solutions to our ever increasing social and environmental problems will come from community based co-operatives feeding off less grass rather than government backed private corporations feeding off more astroturf.
electric or biodiesel?
Comment by David Shipway on 7th March 2010
Love the idea, and it will seem far more viable, in fact essential, as we re-enter the endgame world of triple digit oil prices for the last time.

I like the purist idea of an ulralite electric bus, "zero carbon" if you ignore it's manufacture/maintenance. Otherwise more conventional handi-bus run on bio-diesel? Trouble is our best local source of chip fat was just shut down by the Health Dept. Miss those late nite talks at the Tak indeed!
go scott
Comment by sonyafriesen on 5th March 2010
hey scott, don't you already own the podium!miss the old late night tak talks,debating the good ,the bad ,and the ugly prospects of vancouver hosting the olympics.In my opinion you are Canada's (and the Canucks of course )most assume fan.I've heard about the many co-ops in the north and am eager to learn more.The idea of a co-op that encourages membership to conserve enery rather than create energy for trade or sale is hard for people to imagine but if you can i think it offers many pro-active possibilities to lowering our consumption and finding a wayto work with others instead of the lonely idealism of no car , no lights ,no banana's ,and one solar panel in the dark in Squirrel cove.Been there done that.
the Be Good Sonyas
Comment by scott mercs on 3rd March 2010
I always enjoy what you have to say. I was in the original car co-op in 2002, and for long trips to Vancouver the van was perfect.I believe co-ops will really proliferate in the near future, and our co-op in the arctic has 31 member retail stores, 19 hotels, and all of the Nunavut gas and oil retail facilities, and cable television. I think the model is wonderful up here, and look at the success of (some) of the great co-ops on Cortes. Just don't ask me to own a podium, please. Good work.