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Buy, Sell & Trade: teeny tiny home or?
I had a 7x11 wooden shed with metal roof built to contain my personal items for transport and safe keeping at Cortes I am considering letting go.
It is on skids, one end is double doors open the full 7 feet wide with one window at other end.
Insulated walls, 2x4 construction, well built by professional carpenter.
At same time a bench was installed that can be used as a work bench or can be folded out to make for a bed. Cupboards underneathe.

The exterior is covered in black construction paper and clear plastic. The interior has pink fibreglass insulation and is covered with clear plastic and sections of left over ply were used over most of the interior plastic. The roof is not insulated. No wiring.

I had ambitions of a work shed, or a place to rest/sleep if I had no where else to lay down/rest.

Costs were about $1500 in materials and labour and I am wondering if this shed is suitable for another for workshed, garden shed, storage shed, or teeny tiny home where a wood stove could easily heat, a bunk easily established.

Well built. Clean. Dry. Offers ideas, suggestions welcomed.