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General News · 7th February 2010
Dianne Bersea
What nonsense small minds can conjure! We seem to have become a culture of folks who see the failures, the challenges, the difficulties, the broken bits..., but instead of stepping forward to assist, some of us can only fling invective and muck. How very sad.

On the other hand, a BIG THANK YOU to the folks who step forward to take on difficult tasks, give their time, laugh at foolishness, keep trying, look for answers, endorse hope, use their imagination, and weather the storms. Let's support and encourage them!
what is Dianne writing about?
Comment by Mama on 7th February 2010
am I the only one that doensn't know what Dianne is writing about?
Comment by Janet on 7th February 2010
Way to go Dianne. A voice of reason and clarity. Keep up the good work...We are enjoying your articles.
the pain of addiction.
Comment by ron on 7th February 2010
the halls have been addicted to gaming grants and i tried in my time as vice president to end them in whaletown with universal opposition from the rest of the board and members of the whaletown association.

the community has no problem taking gaming money from the province when the broken lives that are created by them are far away. gaming grants are disfuntional and unsustainable.

Good for You!
Comment by Cortes Island Seniors Society/ on 7th February 2010
Good for you, Dianne. Your comment is well-taken. Those who criticize are seldom the ones who actually volunteer or participate. Cheap shots are much easier!