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Do Not Use · 6th February 2010
Dianne Bersea
Thanks for your comments on my Tideline article. Thanks for the charming posts and even thanks to those who differ. When I first came here there was a lot less of everything than there is now, but I like the services weíve encouraged to take root.

What inventive ways can we fund our hall? Iíve already heard one good idea today -- each visitor to the Friday Market can drop a loonie in a jar as we come through the door. For myself, Iíve offered a painting for a silent auction. Iíve always thought the Thrift Shop could offer some items at a higher price. Why should a Jones of New York jacket go for a toonie? And before I hear that higher prices will deny our less fortunate folks, thereís always the FREE STORE! The thrift store is a fund-raiser for the hall!

The aforementioned are small gestures I know, but we need to start somewhere. In my previous post I described this community as resourceful, resilient and creative. Letís strut our stuff!

PS. I have another cartoon that could work with this post but alas the file name escapes me. Iíll give you the drift though. The cartoon shows a chariot with two snorting steeds piloted by a plume helmeted Roman Centurion resplendent in shining armour, the whole blustery vision bursting into a crowded coliseum. About to be trampled are a small ragged group of people staggering under the weight of a big football. Above two toga & laurel wreathed Roman senators, one speaking into the ear of the other, the voice bubble says ďIn spectacles like this, you need to keep your eye on the ball.Ē Letís!
community is forgiveness
Comment by ron on 8th February 2010
i over spoke and i agree with the person who wrote me and said "Just because you have an axe(s) to grind does not give you the right to make up BS like that in your rant."

when i served on the board i do believe everyone did so in the spirit of love for their community.

i am sorry if i offended anyone.
i will be more careful how i speak of others in the future.

i cannot delete my previous rude post in this tread because i forgot or mistyped my password. again i am sorry for my comments.
that's the spirit!
Comment by romina on 6th February 2010
re: "fire all the members of the board and elect members that will work with what we have without whining for more."

Yes please, I think much of the board would like that - one less volunteer obligation on all our plates. Please go find these people and bring them to our next meeting on the 15th.
money is not the answer
Comment by ron on 6th February 2010
fire all the members of the board and elect memebers that will work with what we have without whining for more.

the halls are not going anywherre. but maybe the disfunctional boards of directers can take a holiday. they got addicted to the income of the gaming funds. go to rehab. gaming funds hurt people and our communities and i can prove it. if you need more money open a casino in the hall and watch the communal effects.

think of haiti. we got lots, we dont need more.