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General News · 5th February 2010
I’d like to start by stating that I like children. I love them. I have them.

What I’m asking of all the other parents in our community is that you recognize when to include them, and when not to include them in our community events, gatherings or meetings.
If it isn’t obvious to people already, I’m going to state what seems like the most obvious thing to me. Which is, that there are many situations where children should not be attending or present at some of the community events, gatherings or meetings.

I could go into how some of the children need to be better handled by their parents at these events, but that is a parenting issue, which is certainly not going to change anytime soon.

So, rather.. please.. when there is an event that requires the concentration of the adults to be speaking with one another without the distraction of children running around, making noises of various types .. please do not bring your children… when there is a meeting of adults discussing issues of importance .. please do not bring your children…. When there is a performance or presentation done in an intimate space where the noises of screaming, running and unsettled children will not give respect to those adults presenting.. please do not bring your children.

There is a time and place for children, and many times, that time is not properly recognized and dealt with by the other parents in our community.

I write this with love and respect to all the other parents in our community. Its just a simple matter of respect for a given space and time.

Child care
Comment by Noba on 8th February 2010
I am slowly learning that if we want the participation of parents in the kind of discussions you are speaking of, event organizers - myself included - need to consider providing child care so that this clash is diminished.