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Buy, Sell & Trade: Milking and Petting Goats
Milking and Petting Goats
It’s hard to part with our beloved
herd of 6 mixed Saanen-Alpines, 1 doe in milk , 3 does ready to be bred and two wethers. All were raised as pets, are very social and good with kids. Pleiades, the milking mamma averages between 1½ - 2 litres per day. The same can be expected from both Gaia and Oak. Mocha is from a different lineage with a much higher milk production and could average up to 3 litres per day. Azel, the older male lost his mom at an early age and was bottle raised by hand. He’s incredibly affectionate and docile, to the point that we’ve even considered training him to pull a small cart or as a therapy animal. Nym, the other male, was born this spring and is handled daily. He has no fear of people and loves to be scratched between his horns. This herd is very healthy, been raised organically, with regular natural de-worming and loving care. All goats have horns intact, and have never used them to harm us or the many guests who come to visit. For inquiries please email Matthew ( or Lovena ( Thanks for reading!