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General News · 5th February 2010
Dianne Bersea
I'm really confused! I am even further confused by Jenny's (and Deitrich's) articles on the by-law re SCCA funding. Does Jenny have unfinished business with the position of RD? Is she anticipating re-running for the position of RD? I I thought she was happy to step down. The issue is now becoming so convoluted, dissected, reinterpreted, murky, disjointed that I can't make head nor tail of it. And please don't try to help me understand it. This all begins to sound like politics in general especially at our national and Obama level. So much energy is devoted to denying, confusing, attacking and overturning whatever movement rises above the muck that nothing whatever happens. So the process isn't perfect, but le's keep things in proportion. There has been more ink spilled over this issue than how to keep our Clinic functional. Please lets move forward. We are in need. The need can be assisted. Thank heaven a small tax might assist. Thank heavens the regional district doesn't, and isn't likely to, spend all it's time plotting and planning how to twist our poor Mansons Hall in a knot. They've got other things to do. Get a life people The absence of a hall will have far reaching implications including and not limited to -- lack of gossip central, no playschool, no cafe, no radio, no post office, no library, no thrift shop, no meeting space, no dance hall, no movie nights, no hacky-sack, no Friday Market, no wireless hub, no pottery studio. There will merely be a ghostly hum as an unmaintained building sinks into the gravel. I can't believe our liberated, intelligent, active, creative, sensitive, imaginative, resourceful and resilient community is listening to all this white noise. Let's see what we're really made of. Let's move forward. Let's keep our Hall

PS. The cartoon attached isn’t directly about this issue but it expresses my feelings. It was originally done for another community, at another time, when confusing points of view spun some folks right into the ground. Let’s not go there!

not the only one
Comment by elinore on 7th February 2010
I kept thinking: if Jenny really wants to help us "reflect", then she could have done so much more gently and persuasively. Instead of which, her letter in the flyer feels like a rather mean-spirited and personal attack, so that whatever it was trying to say, I couldn't feel OK about it.
No, you are not the only one!
Well, at least this is local politics!
Comment by Gypsy Mama on 6th February 2010
Robert said: When I came to Cortes there was no doctor, radio station, skateboard park, no Friday market, no wireless hub, no movie nights, no teen scene etc."
Must have been so much quieter back then Robert, and now all these commodities are here. So how did they actually manifest? I'm sure there was some grant funding in with all the community fundraising and yet even grant funding came about because of community participation arising from community desire/need.
Seems to me that a community hall is about community, so all in all, yes it's great having the hall, and yes it's in need of ongoing maintenance, which the user fees need to be covering. Does that mean fees to cover basic hall salaries? How were those wages paid before the grants were in place for those wages and programs? Does the hall bring in enough user fees to cover basic maintenance and the manager wages? I know there have been some major expenditures in the last few years, however I'm not sure if this is because of long term neglect or long term maintenance needs requiring major funding, so now can we expect a reduction in maintenance costs for normal operating years until the next major upgrade is required?
Many community members would like to contribute more support to the groups who do take on these operating responsibilities, and in all honestly I can say the reason many don't is because of the amount of energy required in caring for their family, seeking out health year round living space, combined with the distances between our tiny community meeting zones, and juggling several part time jobs for economic survival.
And as for Jenny jumping in and contributing some input, I appreciate her contributions. She has been involved in the change process enough to help by asking questions, putting these questions out to the community and suggesting that we all be involved enough to look at this situation a little deeper to be sure that we are truly comfortable with what this change could bring to our island, and to use our own brain for considering alternate changes if that seems healthier for our community.
Thanks for everyone taking such interest in how to fund our community centres!
Sure it's a bit of a political debate, and how delightful to have this happening as a visible discussion available for more community input, at least this political discussion has some local relevance. If we aren't interested in our local politics, then what are our values, where is our community, what are we doing here, or indeed anywhere? Yes, all this politicing can be confusing, that's why having experienced RD Reps remain active in our communities is a blessing for us as members in this community and for Noba as our current community Rep because she will hear more thoughtful comments in response to any situation that is "scrutinized" by a previous RD Rep to assist her job representing our community.
Thanks again to everyone interested enough to speak and write.
Love always,
Gypsy Mama
give me solutions !
Comment by norberto on 6th February 2010
well said Dianne !

now, i am afraid we are always very good for dissect and condemn ideas, but not the same for providing ALTERNATIVE solutions !

there is no question that we need to keep our Halls functioning.. so, since we are short of funds, what are other alternatives ?

Let me suggest a few:
- massive community fundraising in summer time;
- voluntary donations from property owners;
- entry fee for all events;
- looking for other funding opportunities (grants, special programs?) in the province;
- reducing expenses at the Halls...

Please, lets put our community brains to work in a positive, constructive manner...



We need a functional hall!
Comment by tracyt on 6th February 2010
And I thought that I was crazy because I couldnt understand it all either. Well put Dianne!
Well Put!
Comment by Josee on 5th February 2010
Dancing words & images in my mind put into words & art! Merci...