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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Some People
This is a rhetorical question; what's up with some people?

Was in the Co-op Cafe line-up at noon when someone asked if I had a certain tool to do a certain job. I did and it was close. I said I'd bring it by after receiving my coffee and snack. There was no mention of pay, so figured it was a favour.
When I brought the tool and various parts needed, I was told they weren't ready. Okay, I said I'd finish my coffee and such, then come back after--when they were ready.
Dropped back afterwards at around 1:30. Was then told it still wasn't ready, come back at 4:00. Responded that I couldn't make it then, how about the next day at that time? This was met by obvious anger that I wouldn't come back that day. Seriously? I'm offering my tools, time and effort for nothing, and they are upset because I can't come back when they want? When only asked not even 2 hours earlier about the tool?

So, what is it with people when your time and efforts to help them for free, must be done on their schedule, then become upset when it is denied due to prior arrangements/short notice? Does 'selfish' apply?