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Notices, Workshops & Rides: Mutton on the Fly
Driving in Whaletown today, we chanced upon a lone sheep barrelling down the road. We slowed and it began weaving back and forth in front of our truck. It then veered off, careening into ... strange but true ... the Bear's Picnic, soon kicking up a cloud of dust in its efforts to avoid ramming the picnic table (which was occupied by two diners). We thought it exhibited a fine spirit of volunteerism - fresh meat on the hoof sauntering forth in the face of danger! We wondered if we are entitled to some free mutton tacos, having corralled it in, so to speak? Seriously though, it is perhaps worth considering whether free-ranging sheep pose a threat to those using our roads (or, in this case, to diners at the Bear's Picnic!).